Plutonian Shore: Crew of Scoundrels

You’re a hardscrabble crew skirting the law in the frigid fragments of a shattered dwarf planet—and somehow, the Last Hope of the Solar System is aboard your ship. Can you keep your ship and crew together long enough to save the Solar System?

Plutonian Shore is a PbtA game of swashbuckling sci-fi adventure at the icebound edge of the solar system. The game is in early playtesting. It is inspired by media like Firefly and The Mandalorian.

1 slot in this session is reserved for Leah.

This is a two-shot playtest series. Being able to attend each session is highly preferred. You must RSVP to each session you wish to attend. Sessions will be recorded and posted to Youtube if all players agree.

Aiming for a story of sci-fi action, skullduggery in space, and emotional crew dynamics, rated PG-13. The X-Card, Open Door Policy, and Lines and Veils will be in use. This event abides by the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct (

All Access Time: 7pm ET on Saturday, August 15

2020-09-11T23:30:00Z2020-09-12T02:30:00Z Session One
2020-09-18T23:30:00Z2020-09-19T02:30:00Z Session Two

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Plutonian Shore: Crew of Scoundrels (Session 1 of 2)
Starring: Leah S, @jexjthomas, Joel N, and @chris_l
We kick off our game of scoundrels in spaceships by creating characters and dropping them right into a spooky space freighter salvage mission. Bela Tarkar the Fallen captains her vessel while wrestling the Void. Ulysses Fielding Middleton the Scarred finds a powerful armament and places a dangerous call. Orana the Prodigal is just trying to enjoy her mid-life crisis, but reminders of her family’s dark reach keep cropping up. And KCH-22 the Prototype steps up to pilot the ship into stranger and stranger territory.

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I just want to say that playing this game was so much fun.


Plutonian Shore: Crew of Scoundrels (Session 2 of 2)
Starring: Leah S, @jexjthomas, Joel N, @chris_l
We conclude our two-parter of scoundrels in space with the Voidweaver crew navigating a treacherous salvage mission and perhaps proving even more treacherous themselves. Bela Tarkar walks blindfolded through a ghost freighter crawling with the undead, trusting the guidance of the Void. Ulysses Fielding Middleton confronts the ghosts of past trauma by unleashing the heavy artillery. Orana Vikorr allows some scavengers to falsely believe she is the captain. And KCH-22 must embrace his destiny as the Last Hope of the Solar System as Starbreaker cultists descend on a dangerous artifact the crew has claimed.

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