Podcast Accessibility


I’m working on an actual play podcast (@therealmscast) and our first episode will air in about a week. We have a transcript ready to go with links to references we make, but we’re unsure how best to distribute transcripts. Is it best as a link to a google doc? Should a copy be downloadable off our website?
If you are a person who uses transcripts because you are D/deaf/hard of hearing, or for other reasons, I’d love to know what you think.

If you are a fellow podcaster, I would also like to know how you make your content accessible!


Do you have a blog that goes along with your Podcast? Turning your podcasts into blog posts might be the most straight forward approach. Then people can subscribe using a newsreader and RSS feed. (Which is really the interaction podcasts model but with audio instead of text.)

(I can 100% hear—well, badly—so this advice might be useless!)


We don’t have a blog. I know some fan-led transcription efforts for big shows like Critical Role have used tumblr. We’re working with Google Drive. Some of the Deaf-led organizations I know or work with post dropbox links for video transcripts. I think being able to download the file is important especially if someone needs to increase the font size or change the contrast.