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Hi, I started listening to Discern Realities and love it, and wanted to add +1 forward to my playlist… However, the RSS feed only lists the last 100 episodes, and I can’t find any way to get a feed that properly contains all of the episodes… I’m kind of weird, I need to start from the beginning of things, hard for me to jump in mid-stream.

Any idea how I can get an RSS with all the episodes that I can either link to or import into my podcast app? (I’m using Overcast, or Downcast, and I tried aggregations from a few sites like PodChaser, RPGGeeks, and the Gauntlet site itself, but the only feeds I could get to work were the 100-limited ones.

Any thoughts appreciated! Thanks!

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Welcome @JMnitup!

I’m not positive, but I think “Porting the Apocalypse” is the first episode.

Regardless, +1 Forward is very episodic, as each recording is going through a specific “new” game. Personally, I like to jump around as I hear about PbtA games that I am intrigued by. I’m not sure there is any advantage to listening to this particular podcast in chronological order.

Thanks for the response, and you are probably right, not a lot of need beyond my own issues to hear them in order, but the bigger problem here is a complete lack of access to the first 40 episodes through RSS.

According to the gauntlet site, “Apocalypse World (2nd Edition)” is the first, from 5/5/2016. “Porting the 'Pocalypse” was 8/8/2017, the 30th episode. The first one that shows up in the RSS feed, though, is Cartel, the 41st episode, from 3/6/2018, and the 140th episode is the current, “Friendship, Effort, Victory” from 3/11/2022.

Basically, the RSS feed is showing exactly the last 100, which seems like a setting or limitation in whatever is making the RSS feed. While I like listening to them in order, I could skip that really and just start at Cartel or bounce around, but that doesn’t change the fact that there are 40 episodes not in the RSS feed that I can’t play through podcast apps, and each new episode will add one to that list. There are a lot of systems I’m interested in hearing about in those episodes, and maybe some of them are covered a second time, but it wouldn’t be the same content, they’d want to cover some other aspect I’m sure.

If you like, you can access the whole catalog of episodes from the podcast’s Libsyn page here. It doesn’t port to podcast apps with the ease of a complete RSS feed, but the files are available there for download and migration if you don’t mind the legwork!

@flatvurm That’s the best answer I’ve come up with… it at least gives me access to them, but definitely a pain, takes about 20-30 seconds per episode to go through and import as MP3, and I had to do it in Downcast (which allows MP3 media imports) because Overcast can only handle rss feeds… I use Overcast in general for various reasons, including cloud syncing between devices and browser, but I guess I’ll have to spend the 25ish minutes to import them all and be done with it. Anyway, thanks, but to site/feed admins, if there’s a feed setting to not limit to the latest 100 or option to set up an alternate full feed, might help others in the future and keep iTunes and those using it’s published feed from missing out on older episodes!


I checked in with Rich, one of the hosts, and he checked in with the feed admin, and the RSS feed should be complete now. Hopefully this is in time to save you some work, but even if not, thanks for raising the issue! Like you said, it should help others in the future. :slight_smile:


I can confirm the feed is complete now… I had already manually downloaded about 30 of the now 45 that had fallen off, but it was in the wrong (or non-ideal at least) app, so now I have it properly in my normal playlists and app.

Thanks for the follow up!


Man, now I ran across the Comic Strip AP podcast and went to start it (one that is much more likely to need to be in order, but I’m guessing there are arcs I could jump in at if I really wanted), and found it had exactly the same problem, limited to the last 100.

I don’t suppose you could work the same magic there before I start manually importing? These are much shorter, so the work would be a lot more tedious to pull in so many short episodes…

Easy fix is for everyone to stop making so many good podcasts, I guess. :stuck_out_tongue: I guess I’m ok with the struggle rather than that. :slight_smile:

I will look at that tomorrow!

OK-- I think I have the feed limit set to match the episode count for Comic Strip AP.


That did it, yes. Thanks!