Project: Dark --- Grand Conspiracies


It all started with a simple job.

Telburke Manor was going to be a one and done. They were holding some jewelry that was being shipped through to the Crown and a contact owed you, so you knew about it. Lord Telburke would be at a gala that evening.

Sneak in, grab the jewels out from under the nose of the guards who would use the Lord’s absence to relax and, if you’re lucky, have a drink or 6.

But, what you found with the jewels… well, you’d leave better off alone if you weren’t pretty sure it was going to come and bite you in the end.

This will be using Project; Dark (yes, that one) to replicate the gameplay of the old Thief series of games. You’ll be casing a joint, breaking in, and keeping to the shadows to take what you hope is a small fortune with you. This will be a linked series of jobs, with information found in each leading to the next.

There are 4 sessions that are 3.5 hours each. Game sessions will be recorded and posted with permission from the players.

You don’t have to attend all 4 sessions but you DO need to be able to attend at least 2 in a row.

The Gauntlet Inclusivity Policy will be in effect and the X-Card, Lines, and Veils will be used.

The Gauntlet Inclusivity Policy will be in play and the X-Card, Lines, and Veils will be used.

2020-04-07T23:30:00Z2020-04-08T03:00:00Z Session 1
2020-04-14T23:30:00Z2020-04-15T03:00:00Z Session 2
2020-04-21T23:30:00Z2020-04-22T03:00:00Z Session 3
2020-04-28T23:30:00Z2020-04-29T03:00:00Z Session 4