Psi*Run (2 Mondays in July)

You don’t know what’s going on. You don’t know where you are. Maybe you don’t know who you are. You’ve been held captive, who knows how long. Moments ago, you broke free. Now you are struggling to remain free long enough to piece together your own past.
You have amazing powers that can help you survive, but those same powers also carry the risk of disaster.
And the people chasing you? They’ll stop at nothing to get you back.

This is for 2 sessions of Psi*Run. Attendance in both sessions is highly recommended, though not required.
I’m saving a seat for Mark Wiand

Content Warnings: Out of Control Psychic Powers, Being Hunted, Unreliable Memories.
Safety Tools: X-Card, Lines and Veils, Open Door
Code of Conduct: This event adheres to the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct
Technology: Zoom, Roll with Me, Google Sheets
Recording: This session will be recorded, but only shared/posted with everyone’s enthusiastic consent.

Session 1 2021-07-12T19:00:00Z2021-07-12T22:00:00Z
Session 2 2021-07-19T19:00:00Z2021-07-19T22:00:00Z

RSVPs open to all on May 7th at noon GMT+1

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