Ptbta Moves that inspire you

I’m wondering, what moves would you recommend someone look at as examples and reference points to make new moves as we go. What are the tutorial moves that you think do really interesting things? What are your favorites?

Like one could use the Harrier’s gang as inspiration to make a summoned demon (didn’t John Harper have a thing like that in the 1st Ed AW?) or more on-the-nose, use Tinker as inspiration for making magic items. Etc.

Please note, it does not have to be specifically useful to WoD or DW. It can be, “This move is really interesting; check out what it does and think about how it could fit into other settings/ideas.”



A favorite move of mine I like to point to is “take up your cross,” from Autumn Triduum, a game about religious sisters confronting the forces of darkness. There’s no roll at all for the move, just a binary choice:

Take up your cross
When you face your fear, undergo persecution, or otherwise take up your cross, choose one:
• You stumble or flinch, giving your opposition an opportunity. Mark your mystery track.
• You press on despite your mounting dread. Mark Tribulation.

(The Mystery Track is the XP-equivalent for the game, and Tribulation is the Stress/Harm mechanic.)

I like how the move asks players if they’re more interested in seeing their character mess up in this moment (and make progress towards unlocking something cool), or in seeing their character push ahead (and take a mechanical consequence). It has all the key components of a PbtA move (fictional trigger, mechanical effect, lead-in to more fiction) without a dice roll.


the angel Infirmary move: yes you can absolutely fix your friend, its just going to require taking apart your boss’s laser scope, you’ll need a young donor to play blood buddy for a few weeks, and of course forget ever trading with Jojo. Jojo shot your friend for a good damned reason.