Publishing a DM/Player aid for DungeonWorld

I am working on a couple of small projects to publish some supporting rules and materials for players and DM aids for roleplaying. My rules and ideas are currently not really system specific, however in the back of my mind I had Dungeonworld in mind for the product. I am trying to give the end product a polished feel with commissioned art, playtesting etc and wondered if anyone had experience of publishing material for DW? I assume there is a licence and original authors to reference for DW and for Powered by the Apocalypse and any pointers to these or input would be welcome. Thanks.

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Have you looked at the Dungeon World site yet? Or the text of Dungeon World, which specifies the license under which it’s released? That will definitely answer your last question, anyway. :slight_smile:

The text of DW is published under the CC-BY license. . The book itself (and the art) are copyrighted, and technically the name “Dungeon World” is trademarked (though not registered, as far as I know).

So, basically, you can write content for DW and copy/reuse any text from the book, and say it’s “for use with Dungeon World” as long as you credit the original authors. There’s also a semi-official “For use with DW” icon floating around.

Sage and Adam have repeatedly encouraged folks to make stuff for DW.

I personally recommend that whatever you make, you also release it under a CC-BY (or similar) license. There’s a long tradition of DW creators doing so, and I thinks it’s respectful of the original creators’ decision.


Thanks for the comment. That is great advice and I agree that following that tradition and using CC-BY is the right thing to do for a product that is designed to work with a game which is open.