Queensday—For This Ungrateful City

The City you live in is a place of wonders and dangers.

The leaders of the City have become aware of a rising threat, unlike any the City has faced before.

The City has chosen you, a group of supers, to team up and face this threat.

The City chose you because she knows that you love her.

For This Ungrateful City” is a Descended from the Queen game about a team of supers tasked with defending a City they may decide is not worth saving. Players will take turns answering questions about the City and their relationship with her. In the end, you’ll have to decide: when the City comes under attack, will you defend her?

This one-shot session will run up to three hours, probably a touch shorter. The session will be recorded and posted on YouTube (if all players agree).

Aiming for a story of superheroic drama, rated PG-13. The X-Card, Open Door Policy, and Lines and Veils will be in use. This event abides by the Gauntlet Inclusivity Policy.

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