Queensday—For This Ungrateful City

The City you live in is a place of wonders and dangers.

The leaders of the City have become aware of a rising threat, unlike any the City has faced before.

The City has chosen you, a group of supers, to team up and face this threat.

The City chose you because she knows that you love her.

For This Ungrateful City” is a Descended from the Queen game about a team of supers tasked with defending a City they may decide is not worth saving. Players will take turns answering questions about the City and their relationship with her. In the end, you’ll have to decide: when the City comes under attack, will you defend her?

This one-shot session will run up to three hours, probably a touch shorter. The session will be recorded and posted on YouTube (if all players agree).

Aiming for a story of superheroic drama, rated PG-13. The X-Card, Open Door Policy, and Lines and Veils will be in use. This event abides by the Gauntlet Inclusivity Policy.

2020-03-29T17:00:00Z2020-03-29T20:00:00Z One Shot Session

A group of supers are called to defend a City they may decide doesn’t deserve it. What secrets is Professor S, mentor to the City’s young supers like Phoenix and the Green Girl, hiding? How long will the poor and the downtrodden of the City, championed by Rough Justice, tolerate the glittering elite, represented by The Gilded One? Is this City herself asking the disaffected super Nightfall to burn it all down?
And when the City comes under attack, will the supers defend it?