Quietus (One-shot on July 2)

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QUIETUS is a one shot, prepless RPG of melancholic horror. It’s a game for a GM and one or two players, and emulates tragic horror films like Oculus , The Strangers , The Babadook , Inside and the recent Netflix version of The Haunting of Hill House . Other touchstones that come to mind when I think of Quietus include Martyrs (2008), Antichrist (2009), The Blackcoat’s Daughter (2015), Hereditary (2018), The Lodge (2019), and other character-focused horror films that are every bit as bleak and depressing as they are frightening.

Powered by a stripped down version of the award-winning Blades in the Dark engine, you’ll create characters with tragic backstories, and send them hurtling headlong into a nightmare where their trauma might be the only thing that saves them.

This will be a two-PC game if all goes according to plan, but can be played as a very good one-PC/one-GM duet if only one player attends!

CW: This is a game with potentially intense violent, disturbing and emotional content. It is somewhat unique among horror games in that it attempts to evoke feelings of sadness every bit as much as fear. Themes of trauma, loss, grief, regret, shame, etc., may therefore be present. Because the game is prepless, players work with the GM to create the set-up for the scenario, allowing players ample opportunity to rule out any content they would prefer not to see in the game.

System : Quietus by Oli Jeffery

Duration : One 4-hour session. While the game can be played from start to finish in as little as three hours, I want to allow some breathing room as needed for roleplay and atmosphere. The game may very well take less than four hours in total to finish.

Breaks : Short breaks at the top of each hour-ish (~5-10 minutes)

Venue : Zoom

Recording : I would prefer to record/post this session, but will ask permission from all participants before and after the session.

Attendance : One-shot

Safety : Lines & Veils, X-card, Open Door Policy. Tools can be modified throughout the game to suit player needs.

This game will follow the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct.