Quotes from your game or just good quotes in general.

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“Describing the harmful outcomes with gusto is your job, not
inflicting them. The purpose of the consequence and stress
mechanics is to add interesting fictional details to the game
when it comes to harm and trouble”

  • Blades in the Dark, J. Harper

“It’s sausage time!”
– Thief Type Maze Rat character trying to distract guard dogs with sausages she stole from the Inn’s Kitchen.

GM: Any final words?
Me: Teleport.

Happened twice in our homebrew Anima campaign. The first time my character was plummeting to his death and almost out of ki, hp and mana. I rolled a 1 on the d100 for wild magic usage and ended captured by the BBEG, tortured and turned into a walking necrotic- energy absorbtion device/time bomb. The second time was after a fight against a necromancer, when the device went nuclear and unstable… and I choose to teleport to the BBEG fortress where he was amassing his troops. He teleported away but I wiped the place and his army anyway. GLORIOUS PURPOSE!

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