Random Character Creator for Miseries & Misfortunes

I have been reading Miseries and Misfortunes and decided that the least efficient way to wrap my head around the character creation rules was to make a random character generator. Behold your random 17th century Parisian: https://miserables-and-misfortunates.glitch.me/

More seriously, I hope to run a one-shot soon and I figured this would be a useful tool for quickly making characters (or making a new one when your first pc shuffles off their mortal coil).


Nice work! This makes me interested in the game, as well.

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I think the system produces an interesting range of characters, with a great deal of randomization. You might get a noblewoman who owns a small village in the same party as a penniless orphan with one hit point.

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Nice! I’m a big fan of using Glitch for quick RPG tools, and it’s great to see other people using it for the same.

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