Random Weather - Hex Flower

Hi Gaunteteers

Random weather generation in RPGs is often not done very well. Often it can be too random, or have jarring changes.

So, I thought I might share my Weather Hex Flower.

Here’s a link to the PDF: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/367072.

A Hex Flower is a bit like a random table but with a ‘memory’, so you can set the HF up so the changes in weather are more gradual/consistent, but still allow for some more oddball results.

Anyway, please check it out … it’s PWYW so it need not cost you anything.



I had shared this in the Hungarian OSR community and they also liked it!

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Cool, thanks for sharing!
All I need now is someone to translate my ‘Hex Flower Cookbook’ into Hungarian …

I love these. I run a lot of adventures and campaigns with overland travel. The weather should matter mechanically and I use it to evoke or accentuate mood. Thanks for sharing!

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You can also try table ladders as an alternative to the flower.