**Rapscallion: the Pirate PbTA in Ashcan from Magpie**

This is a 2-shot of Magpie’s Ashcan of Rapscallion the Pirate PbtA game (so come prepared for some rough edges)
Sunday 6 Oct at 2pm BST: https://gauntlet-hangouts.firebaseapp.com/event-detail/-Lp3oLb42NxQUyyIhw4_
Sunday 13 Oct at 2pm BST: https://gauntlet-hangouts.firebaseapp.com/event-detail/-Lp3o_4MYl9_OdEtJ6-g (edited)


Ah, awesome! I sat in a playtest of this game I think last Metatopia? It was super fun!

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Rapscallion: A Night at the Opera (1/2)
… with @Julie Rogers, @Robert Angus, @Leah Sarge & @Alexi Sarge
Captain Nightshade’s intention to steal two mystically engraved organ pipes from St Sucre’s Grand Opera House is complicated first by a fire, and then by the rest of his crew. Clay Golem Raku is always eager to get things right and follows instructions (very) literally before losing its cool and swatting away a platoon of Marines. Clance, the only crew member possessed by a Demon (as far as we know), can’t resist ‘all the shiny things’ and finds himself between a fire and an angry crowd of St Sucre’s great and good, before cutting the rope securing a candelabra and shooting to the roof. Jamie, the ship’s Chronicler prefers a quiet read and keeps her angry djinn in its bad tempered place, but seeing everyone’s aura is a strain that she can’t contain when confronted by a previous employer. Through it all Captain Nightshade keeps his coool (and his organ pipes) so they can help him chart a route through the Deathwaters next time in … Rapscallions.