Rebel Crown Quickstart

Rebel Crown is a Forged in the Dark game of courtly intrigue, feudal ambition, and perilous conflict.

As we did with Goblinville, we’re sharing a Quickstart of the rules that folks can check out and play from day one.

I wanted to share this with the Gauntlet community a little early and open up a space to talk about the design and answer questions that might come up for folks that read or play it.

Design elements of note:

  • Asymmetrical Playbooks designed around character motivations and dynamics.
  • A player-driven campaign driven by seizing feudal holdings and forming alliances.
  • A set campaign structure with epilogue rules for victory and defeat.
  • A scars system (replacing Blades’ trauma rules) with shared authorship of these conditions and more player choice in how they manifest in the moment.

Here’s the link to the Quickstart, I’d love to hear your thoughts and field questions.


One element I’d like to highlight: Rebel Crown has assymetrical playbooks. One player must be the Claimant, former heir to the throne who was betrayed by their family and robbed of their rightful titles.

This playbook is at the heart of the campaign, but we didn’t want to make a game that follows the story of one player character at the exclusion of the others. So we made the Claimant’s player explicitly responsible for spotlight sharing and reinforced this responsibility through their XP triggers:

The result has been that the Claimant is constantly pulling other characters into the scene to ask their advice, to request a sacrifice, to reward their loyalty. The other playbooks have XP triggers that reward them for taking initiative, to not wait until the Clamaint asks for their advice or intercession. Here’s the Devoted:

The flow from these rewards has been really satisfying, and character motivation and relationship is constantly at the center of play. This was probably the part of the system we were most worried about, and these XP triggers have gotten a lot of workshopping, but we’re happy with the result so far.


Our Kickstarter preview is now up and I’d love any feedback on the page itself, especially:

  • How clear is the premise of the game?
  • Are the tiers easy to differentiate?
  • Any details feel missing or unanswered questions?

Hi, here’s my feedback : the content is very clear, but the lexicon could get laxer once the key words (sortie, retinue) have been introduced and explained.
The “what I get” and KS frame are well in hand, and I wish you luck in your endeavour.

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Thanks, @DeReel. I appreciate your taking a look and will go back and make sure that rules terms don’t impede the clarity of the KS page.

Rebel Crown Playbooks are now in the Character Keeper.

Added an embedded die roller, though the results are unique to the user, so you have to call them out.


This is a very clever use of Google sheets, kudos!

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