Recipe for a Final Fantasy -esque world

I’ve been toying with the idea of making a Final Fantasy version of Fellowship. I’m trying to compile a guide for collaborative world building that can capture the spirit of a FF story:

Let me know what you think, did I miss something? Did I misinterpret something? How can I improve it?


I think everything you have here is spot on!

You could maybe include something to clarify like what kind of sub-genre the group is imagining? Like you have the kind of classic medieval fantasy settings of the earlier games, but there’s also a lot of modern science-fantasy or even kind of cyberpunk(?) stuff with FF 7, 8, 13, 15, etc. It might be useful to clarify what your group is aiming for there when you all decide ‘let’s play FF Fellowship.’

On a similar note, this might bog down a collaborative exercise like this, but I feel like each FF game always has some like… core narrative x mechanical gimmicks? Like in FF7 people don’t use magic naturally, they have to use materia, which is actually the crystallized essence of blah blah blah… FF8, people draw magic from natural sources and junction it to use para-magic, etc etc etc. You already have divinities/summons in the Great Powers section, so maybe it’s an expansion of that?

You could do some silly little details that are staples in FF, like “what is the lovable, strange animal that people ride in this world?”

I’m not an expert in Final Fantasy, having skipped several and only watched several more, but this seems pretty on target to me as far as it goes. I tend to feel like FF games/worlds don’t actually have that much in common other than some themes, so what you’ve got here probably gets most of it.