Red Carnations on a Black Grave Kickstarter Is Live

For just over two months in 1871, the Paris Commune tried to make an egalitarian, socialist state a reality despite disagreement within their walls and attacks from outside it. This is the story of a community caught up in a sudden revolution, their messy personal lives and their attempts to create a utopia in the face of impending death. How far would you go for what you believe in? Would you stand firm even if it meant your death?

Red Carnations on a Black Grave is a freeform roleplaying game for 4-6 players that brings to life the 72 tumultuous days of the Paris Commune. A game is playable in a single session of four hours or less. Each player portrays two characters during the two months of the Commune, one of whom must die during the French Army’s all-out assault on Paris in the last week of May, 1871. Special cards guide your play, providing questions about how the characters are related to each other, historical incidents to serve as the basis of scenes in the game, and the ultimate fate of your surviving characters.

This game was made for people who love Paris, history, revolutions, and resistance, or tragic roleplaying games like Montsegur 1244 and Ten Candles . Help us spread the word of the revolution!

This game would not exist without the contributions and support of many, many Gauntleteers. Thank you all so much!


Just want to let people know my opinion on this game: my experiences with it have been the most emotionally impactful sessions I have had in the last year. This is a piece of history that has been left out of many of the history books but an important and meaningful one.

If you want to get a really in depth idea of what happend is highly recommended the eight part series the Revolutions Podcast did on it:


I’ve not had a chance to play yet, but I’ve played in a couple of Cat’s Kingsport games, and she is amazing at historical drama in RPGs. Plus, Montsegur is on my White Whale list of RPGs, so this was a must back for me :sweat_smile:

I am extremely excited to see this succeeding beyond Cat’s predictions. Now that this is officially a project that kickstarter loves, I expect it will continue to gather backers and hit stretch goals.

Last day to back this absolutely amazing game!