Request for Feedback - Cover design of Last Stand of the Dream Gaurd

A work in progress, I’d love some feedback on this cover, in particular your first impressions before you read the game’s blurb.


Last Stand of the Dream Guard is a tragedy. The nightmare war is lost and this holdout is all that remains. This game tells the story of the last night, its fighting and its anxious calms, before the inevitable defeat.

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Overall - I like it, the contrast between the black/white picture and the large red font of the title is good

maybe put ‘of the’ below the d of Stand, so on the right side, but that’s a minor thing.


I agree with the above, but when I see the term “Dream Guard” I expect some dreamlike imagery, which I don’t see here.

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What kind of things would you consider to be dream like imagery?

since mist and clouds are often associated with dreams, here’s some quick ideas.

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Overall I like it but I would adjust some of the alignments. I like the effect of having ‘The’ and ‘of the’ smaller and slightly to the left but I would shift the entire main title across so that the ‘The’ and ‘of the’ is aligned against the ‘An’ at the bottom. I would also be tempted to align all of that with the lefthand wall edge of the ruin itself given that wall edge already provides a clear vertical visual.

Also personally I like the original image with the white, black and red contrast. Very clear and I don’t think it needs dreamlike imagery so long as the castle ruin aspect fits in with the blurb for the game.

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Something as simple as mist would add a dreamlike ambiance, I think.