Resources for Random Encounter Table Creation

About to start building a lot of random tables for my West Marches game and I’m curious:

Anyone have any good resources on how to create good random encounter tables?

Also, what are your favorite examples of random tables? Mine are Hot Springs Island and Dungeon Dozen (of course!) but I’m excited to read yours.


Also open to folks sharing their tips and tricks here in the thread!

Tod Foley did a tool for this :
" Tabloo - Table Formatting Tool
Hello, friends in RPG space…
Do you make a lot of tables when designing games or adventures?
Do you find it a pain?
Do you wish it could be somehow… automated?"

It is on Fictioneers

Also, do you know about Hex flowers ? They have various uses, and they’re at Goblin henchman’s.

Rivers and oaks from lincoln green are mainly an aesthetic treatment applied on on random tables, but they can give ideas.

Cool! Will check it out. I’ve seen a little about Hex Flowers but is there a specific article or product I should be looking at?

Goblin hebchman’s site really sums up all about them.
And there are many long threads on using random tables on Storygames (deceased)

The approach I use in Freebooters, which will eventually be formalized into the rules, is to create four d6 tables per region: one table each for Creatures, Discoveries, Obstacles, and Hazards. Here are some examples.

When the PCs roll up a given entry, I mark it off and then refill that slot between sessions. If they roll a number that’s already marked, I use the next one down the list.

To generate the entries themselves, I use the Creature, Discovery, and Details tables to get ideas, and then consider them in context and look for connections and patterns.