Retropunk, city crawling in a hybrid reality

The two-week campaign for Retropunk is live!

Players take on the role of an itinerant 'punk in a city crawl traversing smaller zones within vast urban sprawls the size of countries and continents. The retro-futuristic setting blends the digital and the physical into one, hybrid reality. Something like The Matrix, if you were physically present inside of it, allowing for lots of creative approaches to how obstacles could be experienced and perceived.

Retropunk is inspired by other old-school elements of game design too: rather than accruing experience by plundering gold from a dungeon, characters gain experience by taking resources away from the megacorps; which incentivizes punk ideology directly in play.

Players choose from three classes that can be interpreted as many different archetypes but employ some constraints in order to reduce decision paralysis.

When it comes to rolling, however, rather than a skill or attribute, Retropunk has a dice pool building mechanic tied to the ways in which a character might approach a problem. Approaches are arranged like skill trees, allowing for a lot of customization and deviation from the outcomes of character creation. Check out the Kickstart page for even more cool stuff the system does.

Plus, if you need yet another reason right this instant, you’ll notice Retropunk features art from the fantastic Jabari Weathers! More money means more art, and we’re also working on stretch goal content that highlights hybrid reality and scores against the 'corps!

Come check it out and please spread the word! Always appreciate signal boosting even if this project isn’t for you.