Revenants: Brimstone


Judgment looms.

As the sun sets red in the west, the Revenants ride into town….

Revenants: Brimstone is a game of gunslingers, magic, and vengeance in the occult American Old West, using the Fate Accelerated system.

One spot held for a player new to The Gauntlet in 2022. If that’s you, DM me on Slack!

THE PITCH: “The players take on the role of Revenants - souls returned from the dead; former citizens of a dungheap named Brimstone, who have returned to save their kith and kin in that benighted town. Along the way, they remember things about their past lives, the town, and the folks they left behind.

Revenants don’t remember much about themselves. They may have been anyone - farmers, laborers, thieves, the law, - but now they have returned in their idealized badass form, with weapons and powers to match.

They’re back to clean up Brimstone, because the town has been taken over by demons. Not the metaphorical demons of drink, greed, and lust that plague every podunk in that vast wilderness, but honest-to-heaven evil entities from beyond the Gates of Hell.”

SPECIAL WARNING: This will be my first rodeo (haha) with running Fate. Please don’t sign up if you’re not willing to be extremely patient.

CONTENT WARNING: Violence, poverty, loss, regret, the supernatural, death.


DURATION: 3 hours.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Three players in addition to the facilitator.

SAFETY TOOLS IN USE: X-Card, Lines & Veils, Open Door Policy, Stars & Wishes. The game will follow the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct.

VENUE/TECH: Google Sheets Character Keeper, Expect an email one week before the first session, and another shortly before the session.

BREAKS: Two 5-10 minute breaks at the top of each hour.

RECORDING: Sessions will be recorded, but would only be posted with full enthusiastic player consent. Currently the plan is to record only for the facilitator’s reference.

PRIOR EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: None – rules will be taught in play.

Touchstones: Blood Meridian, High Plains Drifter, The Crow, Django Unchained.

Session One Monday October 17 2022 18:00 US Central

Session Two Monday October 24 2022 18:00 US Central