Révolution: The Yawning Void - Mondays in May

All access time for this series is 2021-04-21T19:00:00Z

The sweeping cold and blistering winds rush through the summer streets of Paris. Though it is mid July, everyone is out in their winter coats and shivering against the biting cold wind that blows out of the west. Few understand its significance, and they are terrified. The Frost is here. The Frost leaves no survivors.

Révolution is a No Dice/No Masters game of political intrigue, dark magic, and backstabbing relationships set in our own version of revolutionary Paris. Révolution is a dark game of ambition, struggles for power, and losing your humanity. This will be a playtest run, and will incorporate new mechanics not currently available in the public release version. Please only sign up if you are interested in providing feedback and discussion.

This is a 4 session series. Please sign up for as many sessions as you are able. No knowledge of the rules or characters are necessary, everything will be taught during the session.

We will be using Zoom, a Google Sheets character keeper, and PlayingCards.io to run this game. The series will be recorded and shared with player permission.

I will send out an e-mail 1 week in advance with all of this information again, and to check that everyone is still available to play.

Content Warnings and Safety Tools

This game is dark and involves a significant amount of PC vs PC violence and betrayal. We will also likely interact with the following topics, though we can use lines & veils to mitigate these as necessary.

  • Overambition
  • Authoritarianism
  • Dark/Occult magic
  • Poverty & classism

In addition to using Lines and Veils, we will be using Script Change, the X card, and the Open Door Policy. All of these will be explained at the beginning of the series as needed. This game follows The Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct.


Session 1 - 2021-05-04T01:00:00Z
Session 2 - 2021-05-11T01:00:00Z
Session 3 - 2021-05-18T01:00:00Z
Session 4 - 2021-05-25T01:00:00Z

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