Rhapsody of Blood: Whispers of the Labyrinth (two shot series)

This session is scheduled for 4 hours. The session will be recorded if everyone is cool with it! If not, no worries. We will be using Streamyard.

Being able to attend both sessions would be ideal, but is not required! You must RSVP to each session you wish to attend.

Every generation the blood moon rises, and the castle exalts a villain with its dark gifts. They shall command its legions, use its powers to twist reality, and seek the godlike power of the unholy grail.

You’re here to stop them. Your bloodlines have fought the castle since its first emergence, and that legacy has granted you endless tenacity, strange powers, or unbreakable faith. Together, you will root out the wards of the castle where they have infested the mundane world, slay the acolytes of the castle’s regent, steal their dark power for your own and banish the regent and the castle with them.

But the castle is immortal, and the blood moon will rise again. As generations rise and fall, what tales of heroic action and gothic bloodshed will you tell?

Rhapsody of Blood is a standalone alternate setting for Legacy: Life Among the Ruins , written by Jay Iles and illustrated by Adrian Stone , that brings tense combat and soul-imperilling adventure to your table.

Safety tools: We will be using script change, lines and veils, and an open door policy. We can change these tools to whatever suits the table best. This game follows The Gauntlet’s Inclusivity Policy.

Session 1: 2019-12-28T01:00:00Z https://gauntlet-hangouts.firebaseapp.com/event-detail/-LtKJoNbXXYdS5B3Dd6X
Session 2: 2019-12-29T01:00:00Z https://gauntlet-hangouts.firebaseapp.com/event-detail/-LtKK-IEtZNckxE6ew8Q