Root Quickstart (Fridays in April) Tales of Verdant Wood--Welcome to Underleaf

Verdant Wood has seen better days.

Underleaf has never seen worse.

This will be a four-session game using the Root quickstart (plus any additional materials that the publisher makes available). Play as an anthropomorphic woodland creature in a low fantasy world torn by war and factional conflict. Think Redwall , or Mouse Guard , but with a Game of Thrones edge.

Players are outcasts, making their way on the edges of the clearings and providing their services to the right cause…or the highest bidder.

The clearing of Underleaf has found itself unclaimed by either The Eyrie or the Marquisate. Can this status last? With whom should the clearing ally? Recent conflicts have left the community torn by internal strife, and violence threatens to erupt at the slightest spark. Can the vagabonds bring peace, or are they the element that disrupts the uneasy balance?

Attendance at all sessions is desirable, but not required. Prior knowledge of the system is not required. I would like to record the game, but I will not post it anywhere without unanimous consent.

Safety tools will be employed, including The X Card , Lines and Veils , and the Open Table policy.

Session 1:2020-04-03T18:00:00Z2020-04-03T21:00:00Z
Session 2:2020-04-10T18:00:00Z2020-04-10T21:00:00Z
Session 3:2020-04-17T18:00:00Z2020-04-17T21:00:00Z
Session 4:2020-04-24T18:00:00Z2020-04-24T21:00:00Z

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