Rooted in Trophy Thread

Looked around, didn’t see a thread besides for @MrTrollhands’ Candlelight thread.

So… who’s working on a Rooted in Trophy game/hack?

Here’s a link to the Trophy SRD.

Read up on the system today and found it pretty interesting! I’m trying to ween myself from game design stuff for the month but I keep coming back to these rules light narrative games that are just oh so fun and easy to hack. I whipped this up tonight:


Black Friday is a tabletop roleplaying game of desperate shoppers on the worst retail day of 2006. It is a one-shot hack of Trophy Black and deals with similar themes of psychological horror and betrayal. As the shoppers roam deeper into the endless halls of the Sultan Hills Shopping Center, it does everything it can to tear them apart and turn them into the voracious monsters known as people.

Don’t have access to a guide on how to write Incursions at the moment, but would love to see what you groovy cats are jiving on!


I shared this on Discord, but never here, so let’s fix that.

For anyone interested in writing Trophy Dark incursions, I have a Google doc that can be copied and used. It’s basically a layout with all the “How to write an incursion” text from the game, plus a few extra elements I’ve found useful.

Hope that helps!


Also, there’s a number of people chatting about Trophy stuff on said Trophy Discord, which can be joined via this link:

Should serve as a useful addition to the conversation that’ll spring up here.

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Excellent! This is great @signalstation! Of course it bears mentioning that the official Kickstarter is ongoing now over here.

As part of the KS preview they have included the Flocculent Cathedral as an official Incursion example.

Happy hacking everyone!

From everything I’ve seen, Rooted in Trophy may be one of the major upcoming engines to look at. I’ve heard nothing but great things and look forward to the chance to really dig into the text.

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Here’s a slightly more put together version of Blackest Friday (formerly Black Friday) that is ready for playtest, including the Sultan Hills Shopping Center incursion:


Happy Hunting!

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