[Rosewood Abbey] monastic mystery Carved from Brindlewood

I’ve released a “playtest” early draft for “Rosewood Abbey”.

This is an attempt at adapting Brindlewood Bay to play mysteries inspired by “The Name of the Rose” and the 90s British TV show “Cadfael”.

It’s the first time I share something as such a early draft stage. My previous one, Paris Gondo - The Life-Saving Magic of Inventorying, had already been reviewed by a professional editor before I released the text-only version.

Feel free to comment not only about the game but also to make recommendations about playtesting/evolving a game “publicly”.

Fun fact: I started working on this after recording an upcoming episode of The RPG Academy Film Studies dedicated to “The Name of the Rose” (to be released next month). I’ll post it here once released.


I’m thankful for the early reactions to this project.

Four enthusiastic players volunteered to join my first playtests within a couple of hours.

It only took a few days for the playtest rules to make their way among my most popular Itch.io releases.

Finally, I ran out of community copies, so I’ve now added a few more.

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