RPG playstyle badges

I discovered today a set of badges and liked the idea. Soon after, I saw Dan Brown’s statement of style. This lead me to check that the badges also exist in english.



I bet that I’ve seen exactly this like 10 or more years ago… but not in generator.

It looks like this for me:

And I’m like


The generator and the explanation makes a world of difference. It doesn’t need to be a standard, it is
self contained.

Oh, I see you didn’t put the url link to your horoscope.

Here’s mine:

This is really fun! It doesn’t seem like we have forum signatures, so I added it to my profile page.

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I notice you linked to the french version. It’s easier to read for french speaking people. :wink:

You can add “&lan=en” at the end of the url to link to the english version.

Reminds me Guilherme Gontijo’s recently released icon set: https://gontijo.itch.io/tabletop-rpg-icon-set