RPG playstyle badges

I discovered today a set of badges and liked the idea. Soon after, I saw Dan Brown’s statement of style. This lead me to check that the badges also exist in english.



I bet that I’ve seen exactly this like 10 or more years ago… but not in generator.

It looks like this for me:

And I’m like


The generator and the explanation makes a world of difference. It doesn’t need to be a standard, it is
self contained.

Oh, I see you didn’t put the url link to your horoscope.

Here’s mine:

This is really fun! It doesn’t seem like we have forum signatures, so I added it to my profile page.

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I notice you linked to the french version. It’s easier to read for french speaking people. :wink:

You can add “&lan=en” at the end of the url to link to the english version.

Reminds me Guilherme Gontijo’s recently released icon set: https://gontijo.itch.io/tabletop-rpg-icon-set

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Yes, Gontijo’s set is exactly what I was thinking of when I saw the other ones!

I downloaded his icons, uploaded them on postimage, and, the first I went to use them… it didn’t have the icon I needed. :rofl:
I don’t remember what the icon was because, as per usual, I was multitasking in way too many things at once and ended up getting sidetracked and not adding any icons to my games but I need to get that done at some point. Better add it to my to-do list before I completely forget again.

I wonder if there are any other sets like this out there because Gontijo’s the only one I know of but I’ve seen people on itch use different ones on their games, and I’m not sure if they made their own icons or if there are other sets lurking out there somewhere.