RPGs in Need of Digital Toolsets

Hi! I was curious: what RPG are you currently playing that could benefit from a digital toolset?

I’ve realized that making a digital toolset is really within my wheelhouse, and I’d love to enable digital play for smaller games.

I’ve asked elsewhere but I keep getting suggestions like GURPS or World of Darkness, which are… bigger than I want. I’m looking at games that are PbtA/FitD/adjacent. One or two authors. My shortlist right now includes games like NOVA, ICON, Fellowship, etc.

If you could pull up a character sheet (or a “GM screen” with all your NPCs and players), click some buttons and have dice roll in your Discord channel, and that’s about it, what systems need some love?



Danger Patrol!
Remember Tomorrow!

They’re all from the same system: OtherKind, AW’s ancestor in a way.

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I did like reading John Harper’s Danger Patrol when I read it. That one?

Yes! OtherKind games are quiet easy to handle, but they need dice placement and, most of all, a boost in visibility. :wink:

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Do you mean Danger Patrol or Danger Patrol Pocket Edition?

I’d really like to see a digital toolset for the many and various Belonging Outside Belonging gmless games. Needs a character manager for entry of strong, tempting, and weak moves, as well as token management per player. Also same types of moves but for story elements assigned to players, but with tokens flow in/out of common pool. Lastly some type of index card “truths”.

— Christopher Allen

True, I like Pocket edition best, but Danger Patrol needs the love too Iguess

Gama Patrol (a pocket danger patrol reskin)
World of Dungeons
Lasers and Feelings

All of these, except Otherkinds, are one sheet games. So they might be easier to produce tool sets for.

Not a Gauntlet or PbtA game, but Two-Fisted Tales, by Matthew Stevens. It’s a '30s Era pulp adventure game with a dice mechanic that I’m having difficulty emulating in Roll20. It’s 2d10, but they roll 0-9, explode on a 9, and one die generates a positive number (the bonus die), the other generates a negative number (the penalty die). Add the result of the roll to an ability score and compare to a target number.

Would love to see a digital toolset for Flying Circus, specially since trying to setup a character keeper requires a lot of legwork to make both the playbook and dashboard for the planes

I feel like this is probably a good target. I don’t play BOB, but those games go straight to what I’m trying to do. Thanks for reminding me!

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Oh boy, you and me both. That’s absolutely something I’d love to tackle, but part of this project is identifying reusable RPG components, so I think I want to tackle two or three other games before I get to Flying Circus. Probably at least one other, simpler PbtA game. But yeah, Chappell’s work is <chef kiss/> and Flying Circus could definitely benefit from a digital toolset.

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