San Jenaro Coop Games--spun off New User Introductions

@nynphaiel, which of your San Jenaro Coop games are you most proud of? I own the first digest in PDF. Played, Clerics and another one I think.


@Deckard Ohh, that’s a tough one… I really like the solo game I wrote for SGD 6, it’s called The breath I breathed. It tells the story of a deity that has been disposed of their divinity, and must journey back to the mundane world. It uses the Tarot deck as prompts for events.

Right now I’m super excited about the game I’m writing for issue 8. It’s a hex-crawl, slice of life game about a kitchen witch.

As you can see, I really like writing weird games :sweat_smile:


@Marx_Shepherd, please feel free to add to this. Either your favorite of your games, or nymphaiel’s games, or your favorite issue of San Jenaro Coop, or whatever you want to add.

@nynphaiel and @max_shepherd, how much do you get involved with the games. Do you try the other games in the coop that you didn’t help write, do you read through them all, or what does any of that look like? I bought a PDF of the first quarterly but got overwhelmed by the number of games so I haven’t bought into any more of them. How do you suggest folks go through your content?


Well, I’m kinda of a one-woman band lol. I started by doing art, then started writing and editing, and I also was the project lead of the last issue. Right now I’m writing my own game, co-writing a game about piglets(!), and I’ll be editing and doing some art.

What I really enjoy about working with a group such as the CoOp, is that you get both a forum to discuss anything, and constant support with everything. I’m a completely newb, I joined the international TTRPG scene on March last year, and I learned so much thanks to the CoOp.

I have only tried some games, but that’s due to my chronic lack of time. I do read them, tho, and try to tell all the people I know about them :laughing:

Regarding the amount of games, I recommend not binge-reading them, cause it can be overwhelming. I usually read some of them while we’re developing the issue, and the rest when the book is out. And it’s ok if not every game appeals to you, we have very diverse backgrounds, and you can tell by the fact that the games are super different :sweat_smile:


Thanks for getting this thread up!

I love working for the CoOp - we do some really cool, innovative stuff that doesn’t really get shouted about very much. As well as writing for each issue, I get involved with editing and proofreading too, so I generally read at least half of the games in each issue (since SGD3!).

Most of my favourite games were in Issue 6, which was the one focused on building better worlds. That has my Durance hack, At last sibling, They are leaving, which I enjoyed writing so so much. It’s about what might happen to a world and its first inhabitants if a colony was respectfully and carefully dismantled rather than recklessly abandoned (hint, hint). That issue also has Jon Goffic’s game The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Elfland, which is a snarky, non-violent take on DnD’s third pillar and to some extent OSR in general, and which is one of the most stunningly smart games I’ve ever read.

My favourite of Nynphaiel’s games is the one they wrote with Duamn Figueroa Rassol for SGD7, Moira. This game about myths, tragedy, gods and mortals, and the odd and messy ways in which all these things are entangled. It’s clever, and I can tell it would lead to some incredible emergent narratives.

One thing I’ve been meaning to do is collate a list of games and their authors, with a little synopsis of each. If we can have this document accessible, I think it would be useful to people - sounds like at least one person anyway! Our two themed issues are Short Games Digest Volume 3 (family and belonging) and Volume 6 (building better worlds). Whilst not every game adheres to theme, many do, and it’s a good way to pre-select things you might like. Our next issue is also themed, around environment and nature, but it won’t be out until March.

I’ll let you know if I get round to collating that list!


That document sounds like a great idea!

I have many favourite games. From issue 5, I love A Year at Froggy Junction by Georgie Bates is a hack of The Quiet Year, that tells the story of a town of amphibians, and their Lord.

I also really like games that revert tropes. Also in issue 5, Kamala Kara wrote Crying Fantasy Friends, about a retired party of adventurers, that discuss all that happen during their lives. On issue 6, Facu Kaper wrote Reclaim, tells the story of a community after it was destroyed by ‘adventuring heroes’. Also on issue 6, Heather Rusk wrote a supplement called This game should have been an email, about solving conflict, and I absolutely adore it.

And I might be partial here, since Facu is my partner :sweat_smile:, but A.R.T. is one of my favourites, since it really hits home. It’s a game about surviving the graveyard shift at work, with a supernatural twist. The thing is, many of the events that seem supernatural actually happened to us or our friends, so for me it’s a precious gem. This is in issue 7.

Ok, text wall done :laughing: