Saviors of Hogtown

I’ve just stealth released my biggest product yet as part of 2019’s Dream Jam!

Saviors of Hogtown and Other Stories is a supplement and adventure starter for Dungeon World.

The 40 page pdf follows in the footsteps of Funnel World (by our own Jason Lutes) as it explores the “funnel” style of character creation with new rules and context.

Each of the three adventures serves as a jumping off point for a cadre of villagers-come-adventurers as they tackle quests well above their station or strive to save their own bacon.

Oh, and did I mention it features some amazing hand drawn art by Al Lukehart?

Happy to answer any questions about the project. This is a stealth release but an announcement will be made later today. Don’t let that hold you back from sharing the project, though.

:sparkling_heart: Justin


I’m very curious why you chose the name “Hogtown”. Is it a reference to anything in particular?


It’s the title of the titular adventure which is structured a bit like a fable. I feel it’s evocative of the whimsical nature of the product and the content.

It’s also a reference to the perception of a backwater medieval village which, in this case, is populated by literal pig-people.

Part of the adventure is concerned with where they came from and what that means for the community :sparkles:


I saw you tweet some art about this! Excited to check it out.

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I was also curious about the name, because among Canadians, Hogtown is a common nickname for Toronto.

Hah, I didn’t know about that connection but I don’t shirk away from it!