Scum and Villainy

I’m interested in if folks have used Scum and Villainy to run a Star Wars-related campaign. I used to GM FFG Star Wars (currently running 5e+OSR Spelljammer) and am always interested in space adventures. Have you run a space campaign? Tell me about your space adventures!

It seems like there’s a ton of space travel game systems now and I’m curious about all of them and how folks enjoy them.


Not yet, but I have just reskinned regular Blades in the Dark for Star Wars, and I’m running it on the Gauntlet in September.

That’s not a space campaign as such as it’s set on Coruscant, but it is Star Wars.

I have run a few sessions of Scum & Villainy in the default setting for my ftf group, and it seems trivial to reskin it for Star Wars rules-wise. I think you’d want to have a reason for the PCs to stick around in the same few systems though.


I saw that, it looks very cool I just can’t play at that time because of kid stuff. I would love to hear how it goes it seems like a fun project.


It seems like we’ll be able to record the sessions, so you should be able to check them out afterwards!

I’ve run it, but not for a Star Wars game. But the default universe is pretty close to an unbranded Star Wars, so you get a lot of the flavor anyway.


I have run Scum & Villainy “vanilla” and it was extremely Star Wars adjacent just out of the box. However, take a look at:


Thank you for sharing this!

S&V is a very structured, campaign-oriented and system-heavy game in a kitchen-sink space opera universe. I like to think it as Forged in the Dark with some Star Wars sprinkle on top. You can run a game in a SW universe with it.

Back on Star Wars day a few years ago i ran 4 sessions of Scum and Villainy using a set of pre-generated rebels with each run being played by a different group.

I found it enjoyable and it’s definitely something i’d like to try again at some point

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I bought the hard copy from my local game store not too long ago, I was a player in a game a while back and I thought I would pick it up maybe to run it, or just have it to read. It is Star Wars basically, and would be easy to make it be Star Wars

I’m running S&V set in Hutt Space for the +1 Forward Home Game over the summer, it works really well with the factions and setup from the link @technoskald provided (it’s the very one I’m using).