Season of Dreams - 2010 (August run)

System : Season of Dreams: PBTA game of adventure that shifts between the English market town of Salisbury and the Gloom … a mystical dreamland inspired by Celtic mythology.

  • You will get more out of the game if you can attend more than 1 session.
  • The game will be recorded on Youtube.
  • THE X-CARD will also be in use.

Concept : This is a game involving magic, mystery and monsters. We will be playing in the default setting for Earth: Salisbury, in southern England, and we will begin play in 2010. Play will slip back and forth between Salisbury and the Gloom.

There are 9 playbooks: Humans, and 8 of the non-Human anthropomorphic species originating in the Gloom, glamoured into human form when not in the Gloom. How much you play into the Double Life or strange nature of your characters is up to you as we explore, investigate or scheme for or against the Capitalist, Monarchist, Theocratic, and Socialists factions of the Gloom and any Earthly factions we encounter.

Aim : We will begin with start of sessions moves that will connect the characters to the world in which we’ll play and provide seeds from which we’ll play to find out.

Tone : The tone is relatively light and tinged with whimsy, aimed at a 15+ rather than 18+ viewing audience though both Salisbury and the Gloom can be sinister and dangerous places if that’s the way the play leads


All going well 4-6 will be run in September at the same day-time slot.

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