Season of Dreams (Playtest series)

5 sessions of Blake Ryan’s PbtA game in development … of adventure that shifts between the English market town of Salisbury and the Gloom … a mystical dreamland inspired by Celtic mythology in which you play humans or anthropromorphic creatures of the Gloom …
On Sundays in November at 2pm (GMT).

Sun 1 Nov:
Sun 8 Nov:
Sun 15 Nov:
Sun 22 Nov:
Sun 29 Nov:

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Hey there! I’m new around, but I signed up for a game in this system on Oct 1oth. How can I find the play materials, or should I just wait for the first session?

An email from the GM will usually come out to players up to a week ahead of the session. The one you’re RSVP’d for isn’t one of mine but the author’s.

Ask Blake directly here: Season of Dreams - PBTA 2 Shot