Season of Dreams (Playtest series)

5 sessions of Blake Ryan’s PbtA game in development … of adventure that shifts between the English market town of Salisbury and the Gloom … a mystical dreamland inspired by Celtic mythology in which you play humans or anthropromorphic creatures of the Gloom …
On Sundays in November at 2pm (GMT).

Sun 1 Nov:
Sun 8 Nov:
Sun 15 Nov:
Sun 22 Nov:
Sun 29 Nov:

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Hey there! I’m new around, but I signed up for a game in this system on Oct 1oth. How can I find the play materials, or should I just wait for the first session?

An email from the GM will usually come out to players up to a week ahead of the session. The one you’re RSVP’d for isn’t one of mine but the author’s.

Ask Blake directly here: Season of Dreams - PBTA 2 Shot

Season of Dreams (1/5)
We meet Shelley Widdershins the human musician with a golden tongue who was drawn to the Gloom to play at a Princess’ wedding and tried to save some servants of the Court; Fungo Smedley, the Satyr who enjoys his grub but is surprisingly light on his feet when on mountain crags; Velura the Lugat (bat folk) who can’t resist an opportunity or the thought of profit; and Kit Baxter the Viveru (fox folk) who values her friends as much as mere riches, something her previous employers no doubt worry about. There’s a competing group of faeries, a risky location, and Golden Griffins … both real and illusory.

Season of Dreams (2/4)
Sadly I was ill last week so we’ve had to curtail the series to a 4-parter …
While trekking back to the City of Murias, Velura the Lugat mis-reads the weather and is caught in a random ‘rift-storm’. Faced with losing her, and the Golden Griffin egg, Fungo the Satyr and Kit the Viveru follow her through to encounter a suspicious group of humans. When they finally reach Murias, hoping to rendezvous with Shelly Widdershins and make a fortune, there’s a Fomorii festival, a Mother with a protective & venegful nature, and bad news about an egg … then gluttony almost turns nasty, and a portal resets events to zero … maybe …

Season of Dreams (3/4)
When Velura the Lugat and Fungo the Satyr see Kit the Viveru and Shelly the Human disappear just after being re-united with them, they decide to stay on mission and travel back to Murias … only to find that they get there several days before they will arrive there in the last session (it’s all very timey-wimey). This gives them all the information they found from last time and a chance to exploit it. They charm a Merchant Lord while grinding his factotum’s pride into the dust and impress a potentially merciless mother with their act of sheer kindness. Putting the pieces together they pursue a caravan they have already hijacked (it’s all very timey-wimey) to stop a rendezvous with parties unknown that could destabilise the Gloom. Then there’s a hill-fort, an approaching column of troops, illusory Griffins (there is a theme emerging), a fire and a ‘call Formorii ointment’ before … they arrive in the cathedral city of Salisbury in time for Xmas … don’t ask …

Season of Dreams (4/4)
After spending the rest of the series being thrown together and torn apart in the Gloom the characters fionally come back together in Salisbury. Shelly Widershins the Human is performing at the Christmas market, while Kit Baxter the Viveru conducts shell games while wearing her human guise. They are found by Fungo the Satyr, and Velura the Lugat, also wearing their human seemings, while leading 7 donkeys that aren’t really donkeys disguised as reindeer. Then there’s a miracle at a manger; anti-capitalist nuns; Goblins in the form of skin-heads and a black ops team … but don’t worry a sphere of silence means the Christmas market is unaffected.