Season of Dreams - Playtest - Spare Slots

3 February games


Premise : Characters explore & investigate in different realms seeking answers.

You are a traveller, going between the three realms, and all the pocket dimensions within the Gloom. Maybe you’re from Earth-now, or perhaps from Tir na meala, a medieval fantasy realm. Either way sooner or later you seek out the dreamlands of the Gloom, or they come looking for you…

Tropes : Fantasy, Dimension shifting, Magical Land, Beyond the Wall, Dream quests.

• Reality : circa year 2000-present day. Electronics, Cars, Internet.
• Gloom : The Gloom, a Dreamlike realm between the other realms.
• Tir na meala : Celtic inspired Fantasy realm, Medieval Iron age.

This is a Playtest. I will try to make it have a decent plot and be entertaining.

The Game take places in 3 phases. Quest, Gloom, Epilogues.

  • The Quest will have some element to that needs resolution in the Gloom, else the Gloom will come for the Travellers in their relaxation time.

Playtests will be Short Story Arcs-One Shots (2 realms)
Tir na meala then the Gloom – OR - Earth-Reality then the Gloom.

The session will be recorded on Youtube via Streamyard application.

(I need to be able to go back and review it in order to tweak the game)