Seeking Feedback - Mazes and Minotaur conversion into Trophy Gold

So I’ve started to play around with mashing Mazes and Minotaurs setting, universe, magic systems and compendiums using Trophy Gold. This has required some basic changes to Trophy to make the characters feel more epic and breaking the previous Warrior/Magician/Specialist classes into profession types with varying degrees of ruin.

Basic pitch, these are characters inspired from Greek Mythology and tales. Instead of Ruin, the characters have fate. Once maxed, you suffer your fate.

Gold has been converted to Fortune and there is an additional reward called Glory that opens the ability to recruit hirelings and other advancing aspects with Gods/Goddesses and cities.

Warriors have 12 Fate as they are expected to do more fighting. Specialists have 10 Fate as they are the in between professions. Magicians have 8 Fate.

Now Magic will be converted into Rituals but with a catch, as you will be limited based on what profession you are.

Classes also have talents which mechanical will work like a ritual to differentiate being a basic spearman and an Amazon for example.

Here is a link to my Google drive with the books compiled for MM that you can download for free, as well as my Google doc with the specialists and warriors completed and changes in rules.

Right now I’m semi stumped with how to proceed with Rituals/Magic as I want to capture the flavors of the different types of Magicians in their Greek glory.


May be of interest to @jesseross

I would be humbled. I’ve mentioned this idea on Twitter and I’m finally putting work into this, but I wanted to share the process and gain feedback from anyone interested. I’m open ears to you and @jesseross.

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I have converted the traditional classes from Mazes and Minotaurs into Trophy Professions. I’ve had to tinker with the basic mechanics but what I have could be play tested. The document will continue to change/be organized but I encourage feedback and questions for those who can review it.

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