Seeking Games To Playtest?

I don’t have a game to test but, I do have a group interested in testing games.

I didn’t see an obvious way to make that as a general offer. Should I just post that in Game Design?

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Great to know Jonahknight. When I’m close to a beta version of my game I’ll be in touch :smiley:

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Aw man; I’m in the middle of a relatively substantial revision on my game, and I’m not sure if testing with the old stuff would be worth it.

That said, if this sounds interesting, then it wouldn’t take much for me to put together a ‘beta’ version of the next update.

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Once I get Against the Dark Conspiracy out the door I will be going back to my PbtA game of Dark Age heroes protecting mortals from the supernatural, Eotenweard … so I may well be in touch.

I do need more eyes on my Battlestreets if it’s something interesting to you

Hello Jonah! Can you tell us a little more about what types of games you and your playgroup are interested in testing? Any specific system (e.g. Powered by the Apocalypse, Forged in the Dark…) you prefer? Or how about genres or subject matters you’re interested in? That might help us refine the playtest offerings we’re sending you!

Thanks again for sharing your interest in playtesting. As you can see, many folks are interested in taking you up on it.

Oh that’s neat!

I have a game I’d love you to try:

Pitch: A TTRPG about exploring the world, meeting people, delving into dungeons and watching for each other. A dungeonpunk hack.

It’s based on both the PbtA and FitD engines.

This is a work in progress as some of the systems and parts are yet to come, but I figured I’d release this for the dunJAMpunk and for playtest.

This is my first reply, BTW! Yay!


Gabe I am so excited to see you on the gauntlet!


Hey! I suppose it was about time!!! Thank you!