Seminar: Running One-Shots

Saturday August 28th at 0900 US Eastern
Interested in or nervous about running one-shots?
This is a seminar led by Lowell to talk about all things related to one-shots: at cons, f2f, on the Gauntlet Calendar. Topics will include:

  • Pitches
  • Prep
  • Setting up the materials
  • Keeping character creation tight
  • Teaching rules
  • Structure
  • Pacing
  • Safety
  • What makes a game good for a one-shot (or bad)
  • Wrapping up

Plus anything anyone else wants to talk about. This session will last up to 90 minutes and will be recorded for future distribution. I’ll walk through things and leave plenty of time for questions and follow up. If you want to know more or have insight, please come!

Sign up is to gauge interest. If we get a couple of folks, we’ll go ahead with the seminar. Otherwise this will be an open session and I will post a Zoom link to it on the event listing and email anyone who has signed up. This is an experiment for a possible future series of events.