Shadowrun, modernized


Quick, someone is demanding that you run a narrative-heavy, forum-based game in the world of Shadowrun. Why do you pick the system you select to run in that environment?


Fate because it’s more flexible on the fly and it’s about competent people doing dangerous things.


Either the Sprawl or a quick (yeah, right) hack of Blades in the Dark (I don’t know if someone’s done this yet, but it seems almost impossible that they haven’t).

Why? Both games are structured around doing what Shadowrun is about (IMO): pulling runs, and the fallout and impact on the characters.


Interesting question. What do you think the constraints of a forum environment are that push you towards some systems and away from others?


i have to agree here, I know Harper was a big Shadowrun GM/player, and in many AP i’ve watched the characters spend most of their time doing the same activities, minus the Matrix.


Honey Heist. Half joking, because I can totally see a hack there, maybe between Rebel and Runner stats.


Oh totally in regards to BitD for shadowrun.

I know I chose Fate because it was the least amount of work to make it fit. A shadowrun BitD would be FANTASTIC but more work.

But now I really want to do it … curses!


@Jonathan @BlakeRyan Oh, hey… look at this:


FYI: the author is actually developing a game based on this work with a more original setting, I believe.

@Cass could tell you more :sparkles:


I was about to say “Damn it @Cass, why you gots to be so cool.” :slight_smile:


A friend of mines 40th birthday is next weekend, she is a huge shadowrun fan. for her present i’ve bought her a copy of Shadowrun anarchy, which purports to be a more narrative and streamlined version of Shadowrun.

I’ve never played it but heard good things from others so i cant really give a review i’m afraid


would scum and villainy work better for hacking for shadowrun? it seems there would be less work involved that way.


Dunno! I’m far from an expert on Blades, much less its descendants. Interested in what others have to say.


I enjoyed Shadowrun Anarchy when I played it. I don’t feel like the game mechanics help you much/shape play a ton, but they don’t get in the way either. Basically if you have a group willing to jump into the story/take narrative initiative, it can be a good time. And fast to grasp and get playing. Like, I’ve taken a few groups through character selection and a full adventure who are brand new to the rules all in 1 session.

If we’re talking Shadowrun and Blades, the two main hacks are Runners in the Shadows and Karma in the Dark.

Mark and I took pretty different directions in creating our hacks. From reading Runners, it’s focused on being a faithful adaption of Shadowrun to Blades, i.e. the fiction layer is very Shadowrun and the mechanics are very close to standard Blades. So I’ve heard it’s easy for Blades players to pick up and play.

I went a pretty different direction with Karma: I went back and read Shadowrun 1E books, then tried to capture the feel of the fiction/fluff text in mechanics (e.g. “you are who you know”, “everyone is more powerful”, etc). So Karma is focused a lot on oppression, rebellion, selling out, etc. If people played Shadowrun that way they seem to like it, if they played it more crunch-and-guns focused, it doesn’t click as much.

I will say Karma v4 is the last release, as I’m taking everything I learned from that to create my own original setting as mentioned above. I have mixed feelings about Karma now, because I’m in the revising stage where I hate everything and want to change all of it…but pretty sure that’s just my editor brain in over time.

Also: I know someone started an adaption of theSprawl for Shadowrun, but I’m not sure if ever got finished. I somehow haven’t gotten around to playing the Sprawl so I’m a bad judge of if it’s any good.

…I’ll stop here. I can talk about Shadowrun for days.

Edit: Oh, for the original question: Shadowrun Anarchy if it is forum based. The turn style in the game would be a natural fit for forums. Blades style games make for rough forum play because there is so much back and forth over each roll.


Well there is a WoDu hack:

But I’d probably just hack Veil 2020 by @Frasersimons myself…


I certainly would start with Shadowrun Anarchy, as it’s a good system. It’s just unfortunate that it falls prey to Catalyst’s tendency of really poor editing, and probably needs a fair bit of house ruling.

There’s a decent amount of material out there for it, and of course all the settings books just slot right in. And they recently put out a conversation book of all of a season’s worth of convention games set around common events in Chicago. is a great resource for things SR:Anarchy.


Sorry, but Shadowrun: Anarchy is… not great. Lays out an interesting premise, then largely doesn’t implement it at all.


Could you expand a bit about what it is that you have problems with in Shadowrun: Anarchy?


Scum and Villainy is based around having a ship as a central part of the game narratively and mechanically, whereas Blades focuses on the crew - which kinda suits Shadowrun more I reckon :slight_smile:


There’s an excellent hack for Leverage, which is perfect for Shadowrun.