Shadowrun, modernized

Do you have a link to that hack @Mikel_Matthews?

I can’t remember where I found this one, but I ran a short lived pbp on with it and put a link to the doc:


The Sprawl Touched:Prime is the Shadowrun version of Sprawl. I ran it for @RichardRuane and a few other over a year ago. As near as I can tell, it’s still in playtest. I may actually like it better than straight Sprawl, but YMMV. Introducing magic really opened up unexpected story arcs. Having the ‘races’ represented as -kin also gives great creative variety for players, more than you have in straight up Shadowrun. The magic-based playbooks are each very different in execution, which again ads a lot of flavor. I’m mobile right now, but if there’s interest, I’ll post more about it later. After another cup of coffee.

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I really would love to see what you’ve done with this, especially how you’ve handled the First Nations in Shadowrun. Any online playtests coming up? :grin:

Sadly the answer is “not well.” It was my first real design project so I replicated a lot of the problematic elements even though they bothered me to try and keep it closer to Shadowrun. That tension is honestly what motivated me to start designing my own games.

That’s a big part of why I decided to set aside that game and start anew with my game Crossing Worlds, so I could build in the Cherokee perspective from the ground up while still looking at elements of the cyberpunk genre.


My group has been playing a World of Dungeons style Cyberpunk game we cooked up. A bunch of CP tropes plus some telepathy, telekinesis, astral projection.
Super rules light. OSR inspired. Character sheets are clean and simple. GM should have some PbtA experience. World building open and on the fly.
For as quick and dirty as it is, it works incredibly well. We will be making it public in the future after some minor refinements.

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@Jeremy_Strandberg There’s Shadowrun in the Sprawl which is more directly a PbtA game. There’s two Forged in the Dark games as well: Runners in the Shadows and Karma in the Dark.