Shadows in Munich : Mage the Ascension (1-9)

Shadows in Munich : Mage the Ascension

Location : Munich, Germany - 2015
Genre : Investigation/Rival Factions, not Action movie/escalation.
Touchstones : Being Human, Dresden Files, Lost Girl, Neverwhere, Rivers of London.

This is part of a series, attendance at more than one session is prefered but not mandatory.

Previous experience with World of Darkness is not required.
I have ran plenty of games, but not Mage the Ascension before so I shall ease into things.

  • No Racism, Sexism or Homophobia.
  • X-Card will be available.
  • This series will be recorded for youtube.

If you have any questions hit me up on gauntlet slack, forums or twitter @flyingfox369

• Climate : Cold, moderately snowy winters and mild to warm summers.
• Trains : S-Bahn (above ground) U-Bahn (subway)
• Munich shifted from heavy to light industry, to the manufacture, for example, of precision instruments, optical and electrical appliances, aerospace and other high-technology products, as well as to the production of food, cosmetics, and clothing.
• Largest Employers : Allianz, Uni of Munich, BMW, Man (engineering), Munich Airport.


Playsheet -

Starting Spheres 6, 1 must go in Tradition/Craft affinity. Freebie Points : 15.
Starting Arete 1 point. Starting Willpower 5 points. Starting Background 7 points.

If you want pregens -
Akashyana -
Cult of Ecstacy -
Dream Speakers -
Sisters of Hippolyta -
Taftani -
Verbena -