Sharing the Cognitive Load

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Thank you for sharing your wisdom in this article. I tried to take private notes in my own words to summarize portions of your article, to test my comprehension, but I had difficulty with the “How to end a session / Debriefing” section.

In my own notes, I divided that section into two headings: “Aftercare: Derole (emotional bleed) and Debrief (emotional reflection)”, and “Feedback”.

Specific example action items help me better understand things, but I still wasn’t sure where to put “Stars and Wishes”. My feeling “Stars and Wishes” go in “Aftercare”, but then you essentially do the same thing a second time with an analytical focus in “Feedback” (were “Roses and Thorns” seem a more appropriate name for the activity).

Please let me know what you think, and if you can recommend any specific (even if just example) actions, or questions to ask the group.