Shinobigami chat, tips and tricks

We played it a couple times and had a blast. Were anxiously waiting for the expansion with sub-clans, new ninpo and the possibility to play as normal humans.

Anyone else plays this?

Also, any tips for campaign play? I see the game is geared for one-shots primary but everyone is excited with their PCs. Any tips or tweaks for this are welcome.

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I’ve run a couple of one-shots. If you’re already getting good success with it, then you’ve probably already figured out most of the tips and tricks I would offer, like “Make sure the players understand how broad Skills are, and that they are superhuman ninjas who can do absurd things.”

I’ve not attempted any campaign play, but I think the number one tip is that players have to NOT hold on too tightly to their PC concepts, or it becomes impossible to write new Secrets. They need to accept that they’re going to have weird unforeseen past connections and dark secrets and things.

Edit: Other suggestions – Don’t have everyone play their “original” PCs every time – maybe about half the group should play new characters each time. Try to keep the initial ‘scale’ of revelations about the PCs smaller (this doesn’t work so great if you’ve already done a one shot) so you can reveal more about them over time. Try to have an MCU-style “arc plot” to tie otherwise disparate sessions together?


Found this idea on the discord server…

"I was reading the rules on prizes, and apparently a person can be a prize. Which brought me to the idea of a bodyguard type of mission. Which brought me to a murder mystery concept, as these things often do.

Think murder on the orient express: they’re all locked into one location for several hours, trying to figure out secrets. Then there’s a final climactic battle on top of the train, because of course. I might want to do something like that at some point but idk. It would probably work best with a lot of important NPCs and double secrets

Has anyone tried something similar in Shinobigami before?"

My Shinobigami experience is still pretty limited because, alas, most of my players don’t like PvP. That said, I’m not sure how well the murder-mystery setup works – Shinobigami setups need to “work” even if the PCs either learn the ‘critical secret’ FIRST, or don’t learn it at all.

Maybe you could make all the different secrets somehow “add up” to the big secret, or make the big secret a “hidden secret” in the sense of “a player needs to say “I want to find out the secret of…the train!” when that’s not an obvious thing to do” in order to learn it, but that’s advanced scenario design for sure.

I’m looking forward to the ‘enigma’ rules from the expansion, which are supposed to really expand on what can be done…