Silent Titans in September

Chronos called them then,
As his endeavour failed.
Theign of time who’s thralls are tides,
He who spins back star-paths,
Or seems to.
Even those unalterable ones.
He called them from the ebbing tides of time,
The fretted sands of life upon this world when,
After mans decay,
As just before his rise,
Giants Ruled.
Titans of the end and of the worlds last breath.
Titans of the fall.
Titans mechanical, broken and cool,
Mighty-minded world-shapers made from mans last craft.
Abandoned thinkers in an empty world.
Knowing all,
The dark behind the setting sun.
They came,
And failed, and fell.
And Chronos fell, and falls.
And time began, begins, and is.
Clocks spring into life,
Seasons dance in regular time,
Winter follows summ er out of fear,
(Never forgetting its hate,
always resenting its chains).
Sun circles earth,
Men age and die,
The dead stay in their place,
(For the most part),
Reality is born;
Calmest of children,
Clearest of created things

Join me to explore the post-industrial fantasyland of Wir-Heal in Patrick Stuart’s Silent Titans. This will be four sessions played weekly on Thursdays at 8 EDT in September with Chris McDowell’s Into the Odd ruleset, slightly modified for the module by Patrick. Being able to attend each session is ideal, but not required. All-Access sign up is 8/29 at 9 PM EDT You must RSVP to each session you wish to attend. Each session will be 3-3.5 hours long, and I’ll be recording it, with the players permission. We will be using the X-card and script change tools. For more information on the Gauntlet’s safety tools, please refer to our Inclusivity Policy on the website (

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S3 2019-09-20T00:00:00Z2019-09-20T03:30:00Z:
S4: 2019-09-27T00:00:00Z2019-09-27T03:30:00Z:


Session 1

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Session 2

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Watching Sherri’s very kind discussion of our game of Silent Titans on the live episode of the Gauntlet Podcast reminds me to post the last two sessions.

And check out the podcast here:

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