Sleepaway (3 sessions in October)

I’m going to camp and I’m gonna make some new friends. For the first 24 hours, please only sign up if we haven’t played together before.

Sleepaway gives us long hazy days, chilled summer nights, kids screaming and chasing fireflies, crackling campfires, and a gaunt, cruel monstrosity forever hiding just out of sight, always asking “What do you do next?”

Sleepaway is a Belonging Outside Belonging game by Jay Dragon where you play a camp counselor at a not-so-ordinary summer camp besieged by a Strange and ominous cryptid. No rules knowledge is required and all rules will be taught during play.

Sleepaway is a horror game and can include body horror and explicit violence, including against children and animals. We’ll use lines and veils, the X card, and the open door as safety tools, and the game will run under the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct. Additionally, “Some Lines are built into the game. Sleepaway refuses to be complicit in modeling toxic power dynamics between campers and staff or exploitative racism against indiginuous people through the use of racist summer camp names and slogans.

We’ll be playing over streamyard for video chat, with a tbd platform for the play space (Jay recommends roll20, which I don’t love, so I’ll look at other options). I’ll record and post videos only with player consent.

This will be three sessions, with a break in the middle of October for GCOG. (I have a scheduling conflict on the first Friday.) Sessions will be three hours, with short breaks on the hour.

I’ll email all players a week or so before our first session to confirm attendance, share play materials, etc. Please sign up for all sessions you’d like to attend.

Open access time for sign-ups is 9pm 15/9 AEST.

Session one:
Session two:
Session three:

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