Sleepaway: Unhappy Campers (5 Sundays starting November 21 at 3PM EST)

:camping: Sleepaway: Unhappy Campers :camping:
Five Sundays starting on November 21st, at 3PM EST.

Sleepaway is a horror game by Jay Dragon using the Belonging Outside Belonging system. In it, camp counsellors strive to protect the younger campers at a special summer camp from a monster known as the Lindworm.

In Sleepaway, you play as a camp counselor at a not- so-ordinary summer camp besieged by a strange and ominous cryptid. In the outside world, people grow increasingly alienated from their own identities, trapped in a miasma of advertising and corporate branding. Isolated from civilization, this summer camp is a beacon of safety, a refuge for misfit kids defined by their marginalization. As time pushes past and the world grows older, this camp also shelters the survivors of the Lindworm.
The Lindworm is a shapeshifter, or so the stories go; a creature that flays the skin of humans and hides within. As counselors of this summer camp, youโ€™ve each been traumatized by the Lindworm, in your own ways.
You remember little of that time.
Just that you donโ€™t want anyone else to experience it either, and youโ€™ll keep this camp safe no matter what.

Unhappy Campers will be a campaign of 5 sessions of 3.5 hours each, and will use content from the Sleepaway core game and the Uncanny expansion. Registering for all sessions is ideal, but not required. Previous experience with the game or system isnโ€™t required, as game and tools will be taught.

Weโ€™ll be using Zoom for video and voice chat, a Google Sheets character keeper, Google Jamboard for our map/corkboard, and PlayingCards for card draws. Sessions may be recorded if all players consent, and sharing will be discussed.

Content Warning: Sleepaway is a horror game that contains themes of body horror, explicit violence, and danger and harm to animals and children. We will discuss the degree to which those topics are highlighted, but to some degree they are inherent to the game. Additionally, there will be no abuse or manipulation of the campers by our characters.

The game will follow The Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct and will utilize CATS, X-Card, Lines & Veils, and an Open Door Policy for player comfort and safety.

Sessions & Sign-Ups:

  • Session 1: 2021-11-21T20:00:00Z โ†’ 2021-11-21T23:30:00Z
  • Session 2: 2021-11-28T20:00:00Z โ†’ 2021-11-28T23:30:00Z
  • Session 3: 2021-12-05T20:00:00Z โ†’ 2021-12-05T23:30:00Z
  • Session 4: 2021-12-12T20:00:00Z โ†’ 2021-12-12T23:30:00Z
  • Session 5: 2021-12-19T20:00:00Z โ†’ 2021-12-19T23:30:00Z
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