Songs for the Dusk Quarterly (Sept-Nov)

I’m saving one spot for someone who hasn’t played in a game I’ve run on the Gauntlet Calendar this year (GCOG games, or games last year are fine). Please DM me if you’d like to take the spot.

In Songs for the Dusk, you take on the roles of brave and compassionate adventurers who set out to help their community thrive in the face of the dangers that threaten it. You’ll explore a post-apocalyptic science-fantasy world filled with ancient technology and strange, transcendent forces. You’ll get tangled up in deadly skirmishes, race through dramatic escapes, and stare out at steel ruins glittering in the pastel twilight. Maybe these dangers will stop you in your tracks, and your dream will quietly wither away—or, maybe, with some luck and skill and cleverness, you can build a thriving community with a real future ahead of it.

Songs for the Dusk is a Forged in the Dark game by Kavita Poduri and Quinn Vega, currently in development. While the characters will face dangerous threats and powerful enemies, there’s an emphasis on community-building and the overall tone is more hopeful than many FitD games. No rules knowledge is required and all rules will be taught during play.

I don’t think there are any specific subject matter warnings I’d give for this one. We’ll use safety tools including lines and veils, romance preferences, the x card and the open door, and the game will run under the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct.

Attendance at all sessions is encouraged but not required, but you’ll need to sign up for all sessions you’d like to attend.

We’ll play over Streamyard with short breaks on the hour. I’ll ask players if they consent to posting the recordings, but even if we’re not posting them, I’d like to record the sessions to jog my memory and aid note-taking.

I’ll email players a week before the first session to confirm attendance and share play materials, etc.

Open access time for sign ups is 6.30pm 27 July AEST.

Please note that daylight savings will start or end for most Gauntlet players during this series, so there’s probably a two-hour difference between the start time for the first and last session for most people. I encourage you to check the time on both first and last session to make sure they both work for you before signing up.

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