Sorcerer : Mage the Ascension

Sorcerer : Mage the Ascension
Location : Manchester, England (2010)
Genre : Modern Supernatural, Urban Fantasy.
Tropes : Intervention, Magic, Occult, Supernatural.

Sorcerers in the World of Darkness-Mage the Ascension

  • Hedge Wizards & Psychics dealing with mundane & mystical challenges.
    Touchstones : The Magicians, Neverwhere, The Order.

  • This is part of a series, attendance at more than one session is prefered but not mandatory.

  • Previous experience with Mage : The Ascension or World of Darkness is not required.

Typical Foes : Changelings, Death Spirits, Holy Fanatics.

  • Most rolls are Attribute+Skill=number for D10s, after 6’s for success.
  • X-Card will be available.
  • This series will be recorded for youtube.


If you have any questions hit me up on gauntlet slack, forums or twitter @flyingfox369

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