Space Ship Combat for Trophy Gold

I’m working on a Sci Fi hack of TG and I’m currently designing the ship combat rules. I wanted something pretty light that would still engage all the players. I’d love some feedback and ideas about what I have so far.

Tech Skills – one per Job (option for more in Char Gen), link to ship combat and systems (as listed below by action type)

Ship – works like a hero, can take six conditions (each with specific downsides)

  • Scratches and Dents – no effect
  • Engines take a hit! – (-1D to Pilot Rolls)
  • Targeting System Malfunction (-1D to Attack rolls)
  • Drive System Damaged (-1D to Engineering Rolls)
  • Ship’s Systems Damage (-1D to all Ship Rolls)
  • Dead in the Water (no movement or weapons)
  • Start a clock for atmo loss (or impose another appropriate consequence)

Stock Ships have a single weapon and a single point of armor (use as in normal combat)

  • Additional armor, weapons, and Supply boxes can all be added as projects in the Station phase
  • Armor costs 1 Cred to repair in the Station phase

Each PC can take one action per ship combat turn, Fire a Weapon, Fly the Ship, Repair the ship, Engineering, Comms, or help another crew member.
At the beginning of a round of combat each crew decides which actions to take and what order they will occur in. Ship Dice to not carry over from turn to turn - use 'em or lose 'em.

Fly the Ship – rolls 1 die, (2 w. Pilot) 4-5’s = 1 Maneuver Die , 6 = 2 MD

Each MD can do one of the following:

  • Bring to Bear – add one die to the combat pool
  • Evasive Maneuvers – roll Xd 4+ prevents a Condition
  • Flee – each 4+ ticks one segment on the Fly Away! Clock. Escape when filled

Engineering – rolls 1 die (2 with Engineering) 4-5 = 1 Engineering Die , 6 = 2 ED

ED may be spent to:

  • Power to the Guns – add 1 die to combat
  • Overclock the Engine – +1D to Pilot rolls
  • Divert Power to Ship Systems - +1D to Repair Rolls

Repair – rolls1 die (2 w Mechanic) 4-5 = 1 Repair Die , 6 = 2 RD

RD may be spent to:

  • The right tool - Add +1D to a Risk Roll to Repair a Damage Condition
  • Get that clamped Down! – Make a Repair Roll
  • Ship Supplies can be ticked to add +1D to a repair Roll

Fire a Weapon – make an attack roll against the enemies Endurance

Roll 1D (+1 for Heavy) add 1 Dark D if you’re willing to risk damage

  • If the highest 2 dice beat enemies E then either destroyed or crippled, your choice
  • if the enemy isn’t destroyed you can roll any 6’s from the combat roll to reduce the enemy ship’s E

Comms – allows for communication and negotiation, roll an appropriate skill to barter, plead or command


I’m eager to see this on a pdf !

Well, I’m in the playtest phase of design now, so once I’ve had a chance to stress test it you’ll get exactly that. I need to adjust some other design bits and systems to fit it in properly too.

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Voila, a PDF:


The ship rules above have been cleaned up a little and folded into the main rules.