Space Wurm Vs Moonicorn: Starcrossed

When: Wednesdays in August, 7 PM EST
Sessions: 4
Players: 5
Content Warnings: potential for competition, romance among player characters.
Safety Tools: X card, Lines and veils

Space Wurm is the most powerful being in the galaxy. Moonicorn is the ultimate free-thinking rebel. Surrounded by devoted friends and perfidious foes, they wrestle over the fate of the galaxy in this epic science fantasy tale of adventure, romance, and rivalry.

Two players will portray Space Wurm and Moonicorn. The other players may select a specialized quick-play playbook from the core rules (Lover, Mogul, Other, Spy, Alien Queen, Creature from the Ghoul Star, Planetary Messiah, Serpent Princess, Space Ghost, Star Vampire, Void Rat).

The first session will be devoted to creating characters and defining the sectors of galactic society (Aliens, Cybernetics, Imperial Throne, Interstellar Transport, Religion, Secret Police, and The Spice).

One player slot is reserved for Jesse A (who will get first choice of playbook since this series is prompted at his request).

Safety tools: X Card, Lines and veils.

CW: potential for competition, romance among player characters.

Session 1: 2021-08-04T23:00:00Z

Session 2: 2021-08-11T23:00:00Z

Session 3: 2021-08-18T23:00:00Z

Session 4: 2021-08-25T23:00:00Z

Session 5: 2021-09-01T23:00:00Z

Session 6: 2021-09-08T23:00:00Z

Session 7: 2021-09-15T23:00:00Z

Session 8: 2021-09-22T23:00:00Z