Steps to becoming a Gauntlet GM

Hi everyone!

I was fortunate enough to be able to play in 3 sessions of games in April as a newly active member.

I was quite tight-lipped in the beginning as a non-native speaker, but gradually opened up. My last game, Season of Dreams 3. was one of my best English roleplaying experience (I play online since 2010 if I remember correctly)

I guess this three occasion were not enough to really know me and vouch for me, but I hope that my GMs (@SinisterBeard @EpistolaryRichard @BlakeRyan ) and other fellow players can confirm that I am an okay person :slight_smile:

What are the next steps to become a Gauntlet GM and run one shots?


This is a question for @edige23.

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Message me here. I’ll send you the guidelines and get you set up @Deodatus.

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