Strategicon Virtual Gamex 2020

Hey folks. Strategicon is Los Angeles’ 3x / year game convention. It runs about 2000-2500 people each time, and although board games is the biggest thing, it has a large component of RPGs, including both D&D AL and Pathfinder, as well as a healthy and vibrant indie RPG community. This year Gamex has been physically cancelled, but will be running virtually THIS COMING WEEKEND, May 22-25 (Monday is a US holiday). Registration for the convention is free! And with the added $0 cost of hotel and flights, it’s a pretty good bargain.

I personally run Games on Demand for the con for the last few years, and we have our own little section of the convention where we gather up and pitch and run and play games… the same types of games played up on the Gauntlet and in other Games on Demand venues across the globe. So, if anyone is interested in joining, feel free.

Start with registration here: You can check out and register for scheduled games on the events page (, including all manner of board games, party games, some larps, video game, and more. There’s scheduled RPGs there, and of course you’ll see some entries for “Games on Demand”. You actually don’t need to register for GoD, just have to show up around the time when we pitch games (which this weekend is set to be: Friday 2pm, Saturday 2pm and 7pm, and Sunday at noon. (All times are Pacific / West Coast USA). Also on Sunday 11am for an hour we’re doing our Game Design Lean Coffee.

The convention is hosted on a Gamex 2020 Discord server, so that’s where we’ll gather up, pitch games, and put players into them. We do things very ad hoc. If enough people show up we’ll use some sort of boarding pass type system… otherwise, we’ll just try to make it work (and with our numbers it generally works).

Questions? Ask away.


If I wanted to run a game in Games on Demand at say Friday 2pm, how would I go about that?

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Great question!

So, first off register on the website at This also allows you to get a badge and sign up for games if you want to. Separate from that you’ll get an invite to the Discord later in the week. Once you’re in the Discord, it’s separated into department areas, so look for RPGS - GAMES ON DEMAND, and join us there in the #lobby channel.

Just show up prior to start time (I listed those above, but they’re also on the event schedule for “Games on Demand” and listed in the #daily-schedule channel), and I’ll help facilitate everyone to pitch their games and for players to get into games and such. We’ll probably do all the organizing in a Discord voice-video thing (unless it sucks in which case I’ll throw down a Zoom, cause that always works for me).

Also, by asking me here, I’ll send you a private DM (as I did to you @Deckard) with a GM invite so you can get situated in the Discord already, now.

I think that’s the basics. As far as what tools you want to use to run the game (Discord, Zoom, Jitsi, Roll20, whatever) that’s up to you. We get you the players, and then you can take them where you wish.

Does that answer most of the questions?

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Also, what you planning to run!? Curiousity!

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Not really sure. I’m thinking about so many but I need to make sure it is one that I am comfortable with the rules and can get through a full story in about <=3 hours because rpgs by video are much more tiring.

Currently, my favorite thoughts are Psi-run, Trophy Gold (possibly using one of the posted contest entries if given permission), Girl Underground, or Mothership.

All great options! Can’t go wrong with any of those, but yes, online play is more energy use I’ve found.

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